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Sunbuggy Fun Rentals
Call Us 24hrs toll free at 866-728-4443 or (702)644-2855 • Or Toll Free in the UK: 0-808-234-6664
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   Hauser Dunes / Big Bend        Winchester Bay
  ATV - 125cc - 1 SEAT (99 lbs Max.limit)  
  ATV - 250cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 450cc 4x4 - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 2UP 400cc 4x4 - 2 SEAT  
  Prowler XP - 2 SEAT  
  UTV - Can Am Maverick X3 - 2 SEAT  
  Explorer XP - 4 SEAT  
  UTV - Can Am Maverick X3 4 seat - 4 SEAT  
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Terms and Conditions
Once reserved your reservation is guaranteed and that there are no cancellations. If you will be unable to make your reserved time AND you provide 24 hours of advanced notice, we will allow you to reschedule that reservation for up to 2 years but there are no refunds. Ride time lost due to mechanical failure will be compensated only with additional ride time, furthermore many of our customers enjoy the dunes so much they decide to extend their rental time, so it's suggested that you schedule extra time in your day should you decide you want to extend your ride.

Also Please note that your reserved time is the the time that the clock starts on your rental so you'll need to show up 45 minutes before your reserved time. 45 minutes early will allow you ample time to fill out rental forms, get fitted for safety gear, and complete a dunes driving safety orientation before heading out on your own. Often vehicles are available such that you can start your rental clock as soon as you're done orientation, but showing up late will void missed time, the rental clock will start with or without you, so please be early.

I am aware of Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Age Requirements to rent, drive and ride and I am 18 years of age or older.

(On submit you will be redirected to a printable page and also sent an email with all your reservation info.)
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