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Sunbuggy Fun Rentals
Call Us 24hrs toll free at 866-728-4443 or (702)644-2855 • Or Toll Free in the UK: 0-808-234-6664
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               Choose Your Vehicle(s): $ Sub-Total
  ATV - 90cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 125cc - 1 SEAT (99 lbs Max.limit)  
  ATV - 150cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 250cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 300cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 350cc - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 350cc 4x4 - 1 SEAT  
  ATV - 450cc - 1 SEAT  
  Spider Jr - 1 SEAT  
  Spider - 1 SEAT  
  Spider XPZ - 1 SEAT  
  Marauder - 2 SEAT  
  UTV - RZR - 2 SEAT  
  Prowler - 2 SEAT  
  Rail - 2 SEAT  
  Prowler XP - 2 SEAT  
  Rail XP - 2 SEAT  
  Prowler XPZ - 2 SEAT  
  UTV -RZR 4 seat - 4 SEAT  
  Explorer - 4 SEAT  
  Explorer XP - 4 SEAT  
  Explorer XPZ - 4 SEAT  
  Cinco - 5 SEAT  
  De-Ranger - 6 SEAT  
Chip in and donate just an additional 50 Cents per vehicle, SUNBUGGIE will match your 50 cents per vehicle and 100% goes to Charity via our `Buck-A-Buggy` program.
 The SunBuggie "Buck-A-Buggy" (or ATV, or UTV) $1.00 per vehicle rented is a donated to the following charity:
 "Christopher Meadows Memorial EMS Education Fund" helps fund the education of these who have chosen to pursue a career as an Emergency Medical Technician. The young adult you help with school today may one day save your life!! 
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   Date and Starting Time:                Please arrive 1 hr early.  
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NOTICE: In order to defend against credit card fraud, SunBuggy requires that the payment card used to book be presented upon arrival along with a matching photo ID before being granted use of any SunBuggy Equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a company is paying on behalf of the guest, please contact SunBuggy directly after submitting your booking for a payment verification.
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Check only if you consent to the Terms and Conditions of the Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Cancellation and NO REFUND Policy:

Terms and Conditions

1.PAYMENT VERIFICATION: I understand that I will be required to present the payment card and a name matching photo ID upon arrival and that failure to do so will forfeit my ride and rental fees as there are no refunds.
2.ARRIVE 1 HOUR BEFORE YOUR RESERVED TIME: Please note that your reserved time is the the time that the clock starts on your rental so you'll need to show up 1 hour before your reserved time. 1 hour early will allow you ample time to fill out rental forms, get fitted for safety gear, and complete a dunes driving safety orientation before heading out on your own. Often vehicles are available such that you can start your rental clock as soon as you're done orientation, but showing up late will void missed time, the rental clock will start with or without you, so please be early.
3.NO REFUNDS: I understand that Because this reservation is guaranteed, there are NO CANCELLATIONS and NO REFUNDS. We do however allow you to RESCHEDULE to a later date If you provide 24 hours notice prior to your original reserved time. (good for up to two years). YOU WILL GET YOUR FULL RIDE TIME: SunBuggy ensures that our clients always get their full ride time. Any time lost due to unforeseen delays or breakdowns is compensated with additional ride time only. Please be sure allow adequate time when scheduling your day for us to provide you with your full experience.
4.SAFETY FIRST: Not following safety rules or driving in a manner that puts yourself or others at risk will be grounds to terminate your experience and forfeit the remainder of your ride. We WANT you to have a fun time, but we NEED you to have a safe time.
5.LEGAL OHV OPERATION: You are required to comply with all laws relevant to operation of an OHV on Public Lands. Illegal operation of your rented vehicle will end your rental and you will forfeit any remaining time. There are no refunds. This includes but is not limited to:
• You may not operate an OHV with a suspended license.
• OHV Operators under 18 years of age must be in compliance of California Vehicle Code 38503 (CVC 38503 is available to review here)

Also, SunBuggy does provide a free beach tram service to get you down the beach. If you'd like to use the free tram service please call one hour prior to your reserved time to summon the beach tram which will meet you at the picnic tables just inside the pier avenue park entrance.

I am aware of Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Age Requirements to rent, drive and ride and I am 18 years of age or older.

(On submit you will be redirected to a printable page and also sent an email with all your reservation info.)
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