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SUNBUGGY -The Best Off Road Rentals in Pismo Beach - ATVs, Dune Buggies, and RZRs - Why Sunbuggy
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  • Safety - SunBuggy has by far the best safety record 10 years running at the Oceano Dunes. Off road driving is inherently risky, and you certainly don't want to spend your valuable vaction time taking an ambulance ride to the emergency room!  Sun Buggie provides the best ATV orientation on the beach, and our evaluators will ensure that you can demonstrate basic ATV skills before letting you go out onto the dunes. If you're not able to pass our ATV competentcy test, we have other options for you: a SunBuggie Dune Buggy!  Automatic operation just like your car, 4 point safety harness style seatbelts, fully integrated welded steel roll cage and a vehicle that is inherently more stable makes the dunes accesable to anyone with a drivers license. (and passengers as young as 4 years old!)

  • The New Big Tire BuggiesOld Small Tire style buggy versus new BIG tire style buggy - climb any dune with ease! that avoid getting stuck like nothing else available. BIG TIRES MEAN YOU STAY ON TOP OF THE SAND, NOT SINK INTO IT!  We've made a huge investment in our fleet over the past season to make it easy even for novice drivers to avoid getting stuck on the dunes.  Double Beadlock rims with HUGE HIGH FLOTATION PADDLE TIRES, Drive line modification to adjust gearing for larger tires and provide more power to the ground. Overall this represents an investment of just over $4,000 per car so that we can maintain the highest level of safety and FUN available anywhere in an Off Road Vehicle rental!  See the old style tires next to the new style tires in the below photo and it's easy to understand how much of an improvement this has made in the dune buggy experience for our clients.

  • Friendly and Helpful staff - The people at SunBuggie are here because they LOVE THE DUNES and it gives us all great pleasure to share the wealth of off road driving experience with visitors to the Oceano Dunes park.  We are here to make you happy because we love what we do and you will to! 

  • Best Equipment - our vehicles are carefully inspected before every rental and meticulously maintained to ensure the best dune experience.  Our ATV fleet consists of the newest machines available at Oceano, many are brand new 2013 models!

  • Best Prices - our Hourly rental rates are the best on the beach - Why Pay More?  Minimum booking time at SunBuggie is 1.5 hours, most places require a 2 hour minimum. We'll beat anyones price by 5% PLUS, we're always running some extra special deals on our home page.

  • The ONLY REAL DUNE BUGGIES - Noting gets around the dunes so good as a real dune buggy!  UTV's and ATV's are general purpose machines but are not designed specifically for sand.  What Makes Dune Buggies so special?  Long, Low, and Wide to let you navigate steep sand dunes with confidence and enhanced safety. Rear biased weight distribution to put the majority of the vehicles mass over the large rear tires so your front end doesn't sink in the sand.  This combination actually gets you around the dunes better than 4 wheel drive, it's Sand Specialized!

  •  We at SunBuggie are very grateful that our business is in a place that allows us to give back whenever possible.  365 days a year SunBuggie provides free Beach Tram rides and only ask for a donation to the Christopher Meadows Memorial Education fund. A suggested donation is $5 but more is always good.  SunBuggie also does what we can to help various charities in the best way we know how, buggy rides!  for a list of recent groups we'd helped out check out . If your organization needs to raise funds, give us a call and we'll see if we're able to help.

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