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SunBuggy Las Vegas UTV RZR Tours



UTV Buggies, also known as Side by Sides (SXS) , or Recreational Utility Vehicle (RUV) are a widely popular type of commercially available consumer grade vehicle.

You've heard of companies that specialize in these types of vehicles:

  • Polaris RZR Tours
  • Can-Am Maverick X3 Tours
  • RZR 1000 Tours
  • Las Vegas ATV/UTV Tours

Because there is so much confusion about what is a UTV, what is an ATV, and What is a Dune Buggy we made a chart to help see a side by side comparison at scale:

Different types of Off Highway Vehicles

SunBuggy owns and operates Las Vegas UTV tours, Las Vegas ATV Tours, and Las Vegas Dune Buggy tours at 3 different local riding areas and has done so for the past 15 years, so we are uniqely suited to give you honest information about the dyamics of the different types of Off Road Vehicle Tours. 

At SunBuggy, we don't have to tell you what OHVs are more fun becasue at SunBuggy you get to choose what suits YOU!

SunBuggy has utilized a wide assortment of UTV buggies from leading manufacturers such as Yamaha, Can-Am, and Polaris which are a wonderful vehicle type for those seeking to explore the Mojave Desert’s varied terrain.You’ll have a great view of your surroundings as a higher more upright seating position similar to a golf cart allows for great views. Having a smaller footprint wheelbase than our Desert Racer Dune Buggies means you can get UTV Buggies into tighter trails and smaller spaces.

UTV buggies are very capable of navigating off road terrain as long as you are careful to observe manufacturer's recommendations regarding steep slopes. For those who'd like to explore the dunes with a professional guide and may not be comfortable riding on top of an ATV or prefer not to participate in our High Intensity Desert Racer Dune Buggy Adventures, our Las Vegas UTV Buggy tour is a great and very affordable choice. Each UTV buggy holds two people and is fully automatic just like your car with no shifting required!

Like all SunBuggy adventures, the Las Vegas UTV Buggy Tours are all inclusive with:

  • Federally DOT Compliant Drivers provide complimentary round trip shuttle from your resort
  • Stop at the Las Vegas Speedway Orientation Facility for:
    • Video orientation in a climate controlled Theater (with free popcorn)
    • Get fitted for clean sanitized safety gear complete with Helmet Liners
    • Indoor flush toilet restroom before heading up to the trail
  • Guides Professionally Trained by the Recreational Off Highway Vehicle Association
  • A 10 minute on site safety briefing
  • A 150 minute UTV tour for the Las Vegas UTV tour at the Valley Of Fire  (the Best Value for a longer natural wonders tour)
  • Unlimited complimentary icy cold bottled water
  • Also includes Free take home SunBuggy Las Vegas Souvenir Gifts:
    • SunBuggy Driving Gloves (Look Ma, No Blisters!)
    • SunBuggy Bandanna

Check out this video of a run through the Valley Of Fire on a UTV Buggy:



Las Vegas UTV Tour at Valley Of Fire 150 min
VehicleSeatsPer PersonPrice
RWG* 1$399 $399
2 Seat UTV 2$400 $799
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* Ride With Guide as passenger


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