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SUNBUGGY -The Best Las Vegas Tours - Off Road ATVs, Dune Buggy, and Desert Racers - FAQs
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[1] Are your prices in Vegas per person or per buggy?
[2] Do you have group discounts?
[3] How does the Free shuttle service work?
[4] How far are you from the Strip?
[5] How fast do the Buggies go?
[6] How old do you have to be to be a passenger?
[7] The Mini Baja Chase seems really extreme to me, should I be scared to go?
[8] What do I need to bring?
[9] How old do you have to be to drive?
[10] What is your cancellation policy?
[11] What is your Linking Policy for Sites Linking to SunBuggy or Sites that SunBuggy links to?
[12] What should I wear?
[13] What's the difference between an ATV and a SunBuggy? Which is safer/better/easier/faster?
[14] Why does it seem like so much money to do a Sun Buggy Adventure?

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