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Las Vegas ATV Tours & Buggy Rentals - GIVE THE GIFT OF FUN! Las Vegas Gift Certificates!

Welcome to Sun Buggy Fun Rentals - We're here to save you from having to pick out another tie or sweater!


What is the ultimate gift for the person in your life who already has everything? Give them the worlds greatest driving experience! Sun Buggy is know the world over as the premier driving experience destination! With adventures from mild and scenic to Wild and frantic, Sun Buggy has something that's "just your speed".


SunBuggy will even mail out a nice gift box with a free t-shirt inside along with the gift certificate so your present looks like more than just an envelope!

(T-Shirt Sizes from Small up to 3-XL are available, and these are NICE cotton shirts printed with a 5 color process, not junky giveaways!)


It's so easy to get and sure to make someone you love happy! Just pick any package on our website, click "book now" and in checkout select "Give as a Gift". You'll be asked let us know where to send it and to whom and you're all set! The face value of any gift certificate can be applied to any package, so if you send someone a gift for the "Valley of Fire tour", and they'd rather go on an "Amargosa Big Dune Adventure", they are free to upgrade packages when they reserve and only have to pay the difference, no goofy upgrade or change fees.




Here's a brief list of the main SunBuggy options:

The Mini Baja Chase

A Quick yet High Intensity Chase just outside of town (Our Signature Dish!)

The Family Fun Romp

Like the Baja chase above but geared for those wanting to take the kids out at a 'Family Pace'

The Valley Of Fire Tour

A Scenic and Sedate casual tour experience about an hour from the strip (honeymooners delight - newlyweds love this breathtakingly beutiful tour)

The Amargosa Big Dune Adventure

Free roaming on 500 foot tall dunes about 2 hours from the strip (reccomended for advanced or repeat clients)





if you just have a specific dollar amount you'd like to give as a certificate to use at SunBuggy Click Here


WE ALREADY KNOW that SunBuggy makes a great gift, it's pure fun!

but if you're still not sure, keep reading why a Sun Buggy Gift certificate your best choice in a driving experience gift:

Availability - Sun Buggy Adventures run EVERYDAY, 365 days a year, 5 times a day, not just a few times a month on special "track days" PLUS your gift is good for 2 years! meaning over 700 opportunities to actually USE your gift. Take a close look at other driving experiences, most only sell gift certificates hoping your year will run out before you get a chance to actually redeem the gift.

Variety - With Sun Buggy you can take a slow ride in a scenic state park, or engage in a chase over high desert terrain! Use your gift in Las Vegas Nevada or Pismo Beach California!

All Inclusive Packages - Sun Buggy doesn't tack on "extras" Don't send your loved ones into a shark tank where you've purchased a gift that gets them a basic package but doesn't include"Extras" like license fees, expensive photo packages, and who knows what else.

Easy to Drive - our vehicles are easy to drive with just go, stop, and aim to worry about (gas pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel) just like your automatic car! Minimum age to drive is just 16 years old and passengers can be as young as 4!

Memorable Experience - Because Sun Buggy is so out of the ordinary, not something you can do anywhere else in the world, it has the makings of great memories. For memories that last you really need to get away from the everyday and into the unusual! What better way than by driving a custom desert racer over exciting terrain?

Reputation - Sun Buggy has been around and will continue to be around for years to come. In an industry where companies come and go Sun Buggy is here to stay. This is not "2 guys and a race car" Sun Buggy has over 60 custom vehicles and a huge staff of dedicated professionals. We love what we do, we're here to stay, and it shows. 20,000 clients a year brave the Vegas Mini Baja Chase, and most were referred by people that have been here before. Look around, there is no higher customer satisfaction in the business!

Safety - Everybody lives, Everyday, Always. Although Rolling Stone Magazine billed the Vegas Mini Baja Chase as "Sin City's Best Near Death Experience" , and most who engage in the Vegas Mini Baja Chase say that it's "The Wildest thing they've ever done" our safety record is unmatched in the off road industry. Full Faced Helmets, 4 point harness seat belts, full steel roll cages, and a low center of gravity means that while Sun Buggy welcomes you to the edge, your return trip is assured!

Value - The real behind the wheel drive time at Sun Buggy far outstrips what you get at other race driving experiences which may only last 3 to 5 minutes!

Give big or small - Packages from a 30 minute ride along all the way to a 2 day adventure, Sun Buggy Gift certificates are as small or as big as you want them to be. Packages from just $89 all the way up to $599 per person are yours to gift.  You can even purchase larger amount certificates in any amount you like, buy your sales team of 50 people a $10,000 certificate to have a Sun Buggy group event!  


SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!  pick a package or pick an amount and send someone you care about to SunBuggy Fun Rentals where the Fun Never Sets!


if you have any questions you may ALWAYS (24/7 always) call us with the number at the top of your screen. Thanks and Happy Holidays!




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